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The Future of Print Media? February 25, 2012

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In both my Media Ethics and Typography class, we have dealt quite a bit with issues of print.  There seems to be a continuing shift towards the use of less and less paper in favor of other medias such as internet news, kindles, nooks, and on line blogs.  It is easier then ever to simply read info online.  I have even noticed this change in many of my college classes.  More and more of the reading I have to do for classes, I end up reading online or on Blackboard rather then in my printed text book.  It makes me wonder about the future of books and newspapers in general – the easier it becomes to read information on the web, the less there is a need for printed work.  What will be the future for bookstores, newspapers, magazines, and libraries then, I wonder?  Will they become (I certainly hope not) obsolete?

Just for kicks (haha!), will the future of old print look like this?  Will paper be a thing to be worn and not read?



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