Just another site January 29, 2012

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Through my smad classes and art minor classes, I have decided that both departments have a lot in common.  Most recently in my typography class we watched this video about graphic design and graphic designers.  Many of the essential elements valued by the graphic designers in this video, I feel hold true for Web designer and Web developers as well.  Like graphic design, web design is meant to be easy to see and easy to understand.  The goal of most websites, is that users can successfully use that website.  The more neat, groomed, and functional that website looks and acts, the easier it is for the viewer to navigate the site.  When most people visit a website, they don’t stop to think about who made the website or why the developer chose a particular color (unless that color is meant to grab attention).  They simply want the website to work and give them the information they need.

In general web and graphic design both work to be informative, functional, and easy to understand.  Any website that blends both of these elements together accordingly, will be a more successful website.


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